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"Drop It Low Like A YoYo"

Don Belo, the well known, much loved rapper and hip hop star after the successful launch of his album "Revelation", is now back again with the new single track titled "Drop It Low Like A YoYo". As impressive as his earlier creations, this track also provides a new dimension to the rap music genre with its foot tapping beats and mesmerizing lyrics.

For those of you who have great interest in some real rap music and are true lovers of the hip hop music, this track is a must listen one. You can download this song from any of the leading online music libraries or stores easily. Also you can also get this track from Belo's official website

Something about the artist

Don Belo is a rapper extending his services for long, he has been in the industry since a very long time now and has cast a spell over the masses completely with his great music. Apart from being a hip hop and rap artist, he is also a sound engineer by profession and offers services at his online recording studio, DB Studio at He further provides services for Audio editing, Audio mixing, Audio mastering and Recording, as well as beat selling to the fans and clients.

"Drop It Low Like A YoYo"

Acclaiming huge response from the fans, the track "Drop It Low Like A YoYo" is a foot tapping, enjoyable number that has some of the best beats that you may have ever come across. There is also a different approach towards involving hip hop and rap in this track for the listeners. You can download this song from the reputed websites or from the official website of Don Belo.

For those who are striving to come up with their own raps, this track is one to have a look at and feel the true rap skills and talent of the expert. Belo's expertise of being a rapper is aptly present in this track that once again puts him into limelight of some of the best rappers and hip hop artists. After his album "Revelation" this track adds another feather to his crown.

Just do not go by words and feel the experience of music from this rap Mozart with his new creation. "Drop It Low Like A YoYo" is not just any other ordinary rap; it's a music that has a differentiating feel and mesmerizing lyrics stringed perfectly with rhythmic beats and hip hop. Even if you are not a hip hop or rap lover this track will get deep into your hearts and make you dance for sure.

Download now and enjoy what the true Don Belo style is !!!

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