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Press Release

World is a big place- partitioned by boundaries that are not driven by nature but more by the restrictions put by humans themselves. Our worlds are different, our ethicalities are separated and our thoughts are not synchronized. However amidst all this, there is one thing that brings everyone together whosoever you are or where you come from. This is Music- a rhythm, a vibe and a language that needs no words. It's a feeling about which Victor Hugo said, Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

Welcome to, a place where music is not just created to entertain but is written to share feelings directly with your heart. Here you will find new genre of Rap songs and Hip Hop music which is stringed into the most mesmerizing vibes to give you an experience like never before. This is not a website like the rest you occasionally visit offering you services to download a song or mp3. Here, apart from the so called music website services, we avail you the best of new music as well. Designed to provide you all services you want, is a complete solution for all your music needs.

Don Belo

Don Belo is a brilliant , popular Hip Hop star who is entertaining audiences and fans with his creations since long. The rapper from his very being, Belo has a distinctive instinct in creating songs and raps on all genre and plots. He is an experienced artist who offers rap music to his clients regularly. There is all in him that makes him a preferred and much loved choice among his clients and fans. Here you can get to know and listen about his latest creations and experience the new level of music.

His album Revelation contains some of his best works and is available here for the fans to download. One of the major attractions of his album Drop It Low Like A YoYo is a must watch for all.

Services on the offer

Music is the highlight of every event and ceremony, when it is offered by the best then there is a different feel in the air. Here the professionals can be contacted for live performance and shows. Make events more thrilling and exciting opting for the rapping artists from

The professional music recording services are also on the offer as well. Whether you want audio editing or mixing audio, all kinds of professional services are offered at this place. This is an ideal online studio for producing some of the best tunes and songs. We don't boast of our expertise and skills but are confident to produce masterpieces for all- whether you are a novice musician or an experienced Mozart. Online music websites are many and their services are similar but what it takes to be different is a little inspiration and dedication. We have it all here and that is why we are so much liked by the masses.

However there is nothing as "best" in music and we do not strive to be the best as well. Music is a feeling and we just try to engrave emotions into words unlike others.