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Don Belo Bio

Hip hop was always my passion, my favorite genre while I was growing up. This interest cropped up in me as I listened to Master G very frequently and learned the amazing lyrics. Through this, I eventually developed strong love and passion for hip hop music. With its tunes always in my mind, I started to pen down some lyrics, developing my song writing skills. There was a time when I wrote up to 20 songs in a day (of course, depending on the mood and situation).

My lyrics my inspiration

My hip hop tracks are actually based on reality, truth and the deep inside emotional feelings that I have. These are what actually motivate me to the core and I get the inspiration for writing. I actually wanted to use my songs for enlightening the whole world and improving the way we treat one another. Through my music, I wanted to let people realize that they should live their lives to the fullest.

Love is the feeling that can transform everything. Since the time I can remember, I know that love was the only thing in the whole world that can save our environment, our society and the universe.

My journey

I was indeed an entertainer in our neighborhood where I was brought up. I used to rap and dance and the whole neighborhood ran after me as they wanted to hear and see me rapping. With time, they fell in love with my flow, my music, my tunes, my dancing and my style. I never actually hid from the masses around as I was proud to be myself and wanted the entire world to know that I was a rapper. This is in fact the field in which I always felt relaxed and elated, the field where I was and am totally comfortable working in.

When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I joined my first musical band in Haiti. This helped me to go out on tours to perform in various cities around Haiti, North America. After that, I left Haiti at a younger age but this did not stop me from indulging into music. With time, I joined another music band and recorded a myriad of tracks. Continuing my passion for music even further, I started taking online courses to increase my knowledge and understanding of music. I even traveled all across the globe to promote my music career.

Songwriting and composing were the skills that I learned on my own and then I took a step further when I went to the Berkley Music College and spent 4 years there to update and polish my musical talent.


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