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Bachelor Party

As Rihanna says "But we young right now". The lyrics of this song express our feelings about bachelor parties. This is one of our most popular DJ house party events. (We admit it; we love them too!). Guys love to party and we can provide the music to help them drink and howl at the moon all night. This is the last hoorah before you marry your beautiful fiancee tomorrow! We have experience DJ-ing for totally wild parties with beautiful women literally leaping out of cakes, lap dances and pole dancers, to more mellow parties with pizza, few beers and...movies. Don't mind us. Whatever happens at your bachelor party stays at your bachelor party! Keeping secrets is one of our other best talents. It does not make a difference if you just want to chillax or have a ginormous blowout, we can make it happen. Whether you are a party animal or more reserved and conservative, we will create the best DJ experience for you and your home boys. We know that "everybody just wanna have a good time". This is what we create for you with our DJ services.

Bachelor parties can be held in private homes, hotels, or even larger venues. No matter how small or large, or who the clientele, is our DJ services will fit the bill. We have sound systems that can be adapted for large, super large, and small parties. Because we have one of the largest collections of playlists and different kinds of music, you can select the exact music you and your buddies want to hear. From the Beach Boys to Cee Lo Green to Drake to Izzy Pop to Kendrick Lamar we have it all. We have some of the best sound system equipment so that your party sounds like you are at a NY club.

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