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Anniversaries are special occasions for individuals and their families. Weddings, AA (alcoholics anonymous), GA (gamblers anonymous) and NA (narcotics anonymous) are all reasons one may have an anniversary to be celebrating. Our crew is sensitive to these kinds of anniversaries and is able to DJ your party accordingly. Some parties are quite large. This is fine for us too. We are able to manage a large crowd and keep them engaged. From different dances to tasteful jokes, our DJs will keep your party rocking all night.

Maybe you are looking for a DJ for an "older crowd" and want to play a lot of stuff from the 1960s or even earlier. We welcome you. Just tell us what you want and it's yours. Are you thinking about giving an anniversary party that is themed? Hawaiian? Sinatra? 70s? This is not a problem. We have the right music for you. When you ask for a DJ quote, just tell us what you are looking to create with your party. We will be sure to comply and play the right music for you.

Anniversaries are always one of our favorite events to DJ. They are fun and festive and are celebrating something very positive in people's lives. We have hosted huge anniversary house parties as well as more intimate gathering. But no matter what your party is, music with a DJ always makes the party awesome.

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