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Don Belo "Revelation"

For Rap songs and Hip hop music lovers, there is yet another exclusive and foot tapping album from the best rapper around, none other than Don Belo. The rap artist is out with his new album the "Revelation". For those of you who crave for his rap music and all those who have a deep interest in hip hop music genre, this album is a must grab.

About Don Belo

Don Belo is a rapper who is serving his clients and fans with his creation since a long time. Apart from being a hip hop and rap artist, he is also a sound engineer who extends his expert services through his online recording studio.

Offering services for Audio editing, Audio mixing, Audio mastering and Recording, he further provides beat selling services to his fans and followers.

The "Revelation"

Don Belo's album the "Revelation" is one of his best creations that he has worked out on for his fans. This album is available for download on all the major e-commerce and music websites offering song downloads option. This album comprises of 10 individual songs all of which are Belo's creations. These songs namely are:
1. Fet Atansyon
2. Revelation (intro)
3. Revelation
4. All 'bout Manmzel
5. Gadon Fi
6. Deliverance (intro)
7. Deliverance For Haiti (feat. Tblazz & Novelys)
8. Deliverance For Haiti (Remix)
9. For My Hustlers
10. Outro

All these tracks have a different sense of music and a vibrant involvement of rap in them. A critically acclaimed and highly impressive album, "Revelation" provides you a different meaning about the rap songs and hip hop music.

With this album you get to feel the expertise and the sense of music that Belo possesses and will understand why he is regarded as one of the best budding rap artists of all time. This album is a must have for you all and is easy available at all leading online music libraries and stores.

For those who are interested in knowing more about this album there is information shared in album note on various websites which quote-

"After many years militant, learning, arranging, composing, Don Belo, decides to share his life with his long life supporters in REVELATION an album with 10 nice tracks, such as Revelation, Deliverance, All about Manmzel & many more... Each song is a hit they talk about love, every day situation, and January 12, 2k10 the catastrophe that stuck Haiti.

Once again, Don Belo presents REVELATION, unique in its genre each individual will find a tune to relate to his or her daily life."

So grab your copy of this impressive album from Don Belo now and enjoy the real feel of an entertaining rapper and hip hop star.

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