The DB Studio

Audio Mastering in Toronto

After going through all the stages of development, the final step or phase of your track takes at the mastering level. As one of the best recording studio in Toronto, here at DB Studio, we assure you to give you the best Audio Mastering solutions in Toronto. For many artists just getting the best audio editing and mixing is what recording is all about. However they simply underestimate the importance of Audio mixing and Mastering in the whole process. For them, it is necessary to understand that the importance of mastering is the same like lyrics to a song.

Mastering is the final Midas touch that an artist gives to his creation. Audio mastering is all about finally balancing volume levels, sequencing tracks, adding and achieving continuity in the whole track and adding optimum equalization to the song.

At DB Studio, we provide you audio mastering solution in Toronto, using our world class infrastructure and technologically sound equipments. If our expertise services and technological tools sound like a hefty deal to you, then you are mistaken. DB Studio is not a money making venture, it’s a best recording studio in Toronto committed to bring out the best music for music lovers.

Whether you are a professional, a seasonal performer or a novice artist we approach you all with same zeal and mind are words- we are no expensive deal to hire. Our online audio mastering solutions in Toronto are made for serving clients economically.

DB Studio's Approach towards Audio Mastering in Toronto

The main concern of any artist is how the recording studio in Toronto is going to deal with their tracks and master them into foot tapping tunes. Here is a glimpse of what approach we involve at DB:

  • We start with Noise Reduction in the tracks
  • Then equalization takes place followed by Tube Compression
  • Following the process is Mastering of reverb
  • Then Peak Limiting, Adding Ambience and Stereo Widening takes place
  • Bass Enhancement, Dynamic Expansion, Maximization are the next in this process
  • Then it's Fades or Cross-fades and Text or ISRC Encoding
  • Finally the complete CD Mastering is done

This is the approach employed by our DB Studio engineers to give you simply the best mastered tracks with a differentiated level of music and tunes. What you have to do to get your tracks mastered with us, is to just log in to our website and upload your tracks. We get in touch with you for details and requirements from the tracks and start working on your tracks at the earliest. It is as simple as that. You do not have to hop time to time to our studios to get your tracks mastered.

Online DB Studio Audio Mastering services in Toronto will simply make it a cake walk for you. We have the best recording, mixing, editing and mastering solutions for our clients. Employing the best tools and equipments in the domain like 2.1 drum system, large bi-amp JBL system FIR tracking, etc. we ensure the best solutions for you all.